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Leslie Wish and the Wish Team at Fairway are superb. They were incredibly and consistently professional and responsive. Their team operated like clockwork. They are reliable and *extremely efficient. I fully believe that Leslie's responsiveness to both me and my realtor (over a holiday weekend), while we worked on an offer is one of the reasons the sellers accepted our contract. I also believe that Leslie's and her team's efficiency is the reason we successfully and quickly closed. The Wish Team did everything they said they were going to do - in the timeframe they had said they would. They are consummate professionals (and who you want to be working with). I highly recommend them.


Regardless due to the time of day of day or afternoon. Your team, especially Richard, always answered or were quick to get back to me. They were able to get any information and with every question I always would get the detailed answer I was looking for. Overall your team were able to gain trust to the most paranoid person I’ve meet. I appreciate all that was done for us. May god bless you and your team.


We would like to thank Richard, Nathan and Jon for their courtesy, professionalism and excellent communication throughout the entire process. We have applied for many mortgages before but this has to rate as the most organized, simplified and easiest loan experience we’ve ever had. It all began with our initial conversation with Leslie and my wife and I knew immediately that we would select her to handle our home buying needs over many other mortgage lenders. Great service and a great team of mortgage professionals.


Leslie Wish and her team are phenomenal. She talked me through the process, let me know exactly what to expect, answered questions quickly and thoroughly as they came up, and made this complex, information-heavy process so much smoother and easier than I could have imagined. This entire team is smart, experienced, and absolutely dedicated to making the process as easy as possible. I spoke with two other mortgage brokers before speaking with Leslie - she simply outshines them.


Janet A.

Knowledgable, efficent, and punctual are the words I choose to describe my experience with Leslie and her team. After laying out my goals with Leslie she worked with me through the process which was very simple and intuitive thanks to the software and skills of her team. Uploading documents was simple, the requirements were understandable, and the questions I had were answered quickly. I highly recommend this organization if you are looking for an easy straight forward mortgage process without the unwanted sales pitches or feeling that you are being rushed into a decision.


Hellen K. | Settlement Agent

Leslie and her team are top notch. They are consistent, we always knew what to expect next, and they are readily available every step of the way. Their knowledge goes above and beyond, making the process not only easy but truth worthy. They understand that to everyone else, buying a property not their everyday routine. During our last transaction we saved an extra half a point and thousands of dollars!! Most impressive is how seamless the make process. We honestly just love working with them.


Carla U. | Realtor

Susan G. | Customer

We just completed a refinance of our property with Leslie. I cannot say enough to the level of utmost professionalism, speed and accuracy of our experience during the REFI process. Leslie’s team works seamlessly with no drag time between the individuals processing the loan. The follow-up is tremendous and I urge anyone reading my words to use Leslie Wish and her team in securing any mortgage product. She is knowledgeable, understands the market and is ‘in’ on the cutting edge of mortgage products on the market.


Wade V.
Wade V. the DC Title Guy

Leslie has helped me through the process of purchasing and refinancing a couple properties. She is always very open to understanding the goal and thorough throughout the process. Highly recommend working with her and her team.


We have used Leslie and her team three times now - and there’s a reason for that. As usual, Leslie and her team provided excellent service. We refinanced our house in April and from beginning to end, the transaction was seamless. Would highly recommend Leslie for all of your mortgage needs! She will work hard and get the job done with excellence!


Leslie and her team were beyond easy to work with during my recent home buying process. They were upfront about what to expect, helped me understand exactly what paperwork was needed to process my loan, and were quick to respond. They even took the extra step to make sure some unexpected behind the scenes work was handled without having to bring me in and overload me during the process in the days before closing and make sure the closing was done on time. I’ve worked with Leslie to purchase two homes now and would highly recommend her and do not plan on working with any other lender moving forward.


As a first time home buyer, I was looking for a lender who was both knowledgeable and very easy to work with - Leslie and her team came through on both counts. Not only that, but they took me from offer to close in just three weeks! The personalized service I received was second to none. I would highly recommend working with Leslie if you’re looking for a mortgage. You won’t regret it!


We had a wonderful experience with Leslie and her team. They were very responsive and communicative throughout the whole process. We always felt welcome to ask questions and as first time home buyers we made sure to take advantage of that opportunity. Prior to working with Leslie’s team, we worked with another lender and the experience was very different. They were much less transparent throughout the process and overall less helpful. When we switched to Leslie, it really changed our experience for the better.


Leslie and her team are complete professionals! She went above and beyond during the mortgage lending process and was always available for questions/concerns. Even more importantly, she moves QUICKLY to ensure no delays in the process. I’m sure that she works with many clients at a time, but you never felt like you didn’t have her full attention. Additionally, Leslie did a great job of presenting mortgage options that would best suit your individual situation. I can’t say enough good things. Leslie is THE BEST!

Victoria H.

We purchased a home in Northern Virginia in a competitive market. We started looking and within 1 week we had a house under contract and closed 1 month later. Leslie was fantastic. She is incredibly responsive, they use a secure portal for documents, and she takes the time to meet with you explain everything in detail and ensure you understand the fees, the math, and the process. Even after closing the team has been great at sending documents and responding to requests. A month prior I refinanced a different property with another lender and the process was horrible and I am actually still sending documentation after closing. The comparison really made Leslie stand out as a superior lender.


My wife and I have used Leslie Wish and her team for two new loans and a home refinance. They are absolutely top notch and we strongly recommend her for your mortgage needs. Leslie helped us save 3/8 percent on our mortgage rate. We were recommended to Leslie from close friends, and we have recommended Leslie to other friends. If we ever need another mortgage, we will definitely go back to her team. She’s among the best in the business.


Leslie and her team were amazing to work with. Leslie walked me through every step of the process, from my loan application, to understanding my pre-approval, and to re-working my estimate sheets each time I put in an offer in so I would know exactly what my payments would like for each particular home. Leslie and her team were always available to answer my many questions, and their customer service was amazing. They worked with me to find the right loan to fit my needs, get a lower interest rate and to close on time.


Leslie and her team have helped me navigate two home loans over the past few years, and each time, they have been excellent. They are timely, think ahead about exactly what you need, offer solutions, and make the timeline happen. That meant working late or on the weekend to ensure a smooth offer and close. I will use them time and again.


We amazingly went from offer to close within 2 weeks, and that’s all thanks to Leslie and her team. She is incredibly dedicated and on top of her game. Also as first time buyers, Leslie was tremendous in helping us navigate these real estate waters - she patiently answered all of our questions - silly and repeat, always had our best interests in mind, and never pressured us.


I was introduced to Leslie Wish and her team from my real estate agent. They did an amazing job. The process was fast, efficient, and easy. Leslie even showed up at my closing to give me some moving boxes in case I needed a few extra. I would highly recommend this team to anyone!


Leslie Wish is the BEST! Really, I’m not just saying this, all of my buyers unless they are paying cash or have their own lenders and even then they still have to at least talk to Leslie. She makes your clients feel special and makes the transition very smooth. Our last transaction instead of walking away like most lenders would once the find out a project is not VA or FHA approved Leslie and her team got the building approved in about 20 days and we made it to settlement date per the contract. YES, thank you Leslie!!!


We closed yesterday and my client is a happy camper. The amount of paperwork, number of questions you had to answer, sheer volume of communications and ever-changing scenarios from initial contract to final has been phenomenal. I appreciate your team’s patience and support in finishing up this extraordinary deal. I am looking forward to working with your team more in the future.


Leslie and team helped us with an out of state purchase and 2 refinances and they are phenomenal! The application process is super easy and everything is done online. The communications is always very detailed and timely. The web portal shows us exactly where we are in the loan process and it’s effortless to provide documents that are needed through the website. We recommend Leslie to anyone who needs a loan!


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